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Claire Cares

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I’m Claire Hall, one of three members of Lincoln County Board of Commissioners—a position the good people of this county have entrusted me with since 2005. It has been an honor to serve in this position, especially during these most challenging times, when I have my hand on the pulse of the county, and along with my fellow commissioners, have projects underway that will enhance the lives of every member of our coastal community.  Your vote for me in the upcoming election is vital to the continuation of our recovery, growth, and prosperity. Lincoln County has nearly 500 employees, and a budget of 164 million dollars. It’s important to have an experienced hand in making decisions and setting priorities. And that experienced hand is me.

When I was gearing up to run for another term four years ago, I don’t think any of us imagined the upheavals we would endure. The COVID-19 outbreak, the worst global pandemic in more than a century, continued to threaten the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens when the Echo Mountain Fire swept through the Panther Creek community in hours, leaving hundreds suddenly homeless.  Still, I was even more willing and motivated to continue to serve this county, and ever so relieved, thanks to you, when I won that hotly contested election. This meant Lincoln County didn’t have to face a transition of leadership while journeying the rocky terrain of loss.

Life, in the midst of all that, immediately became much rougher for a lot of us here in Lincoln County, and my firm sense after talking with many of you is that while things may not seem as dire, now, they are more challenging than before the two crises hit our coastal community. I know young families who are wondering how their paychecks are going to stretch far enough. Too many essentials cost more—often, a lot more. Childcare is more of a challenge than ever.  Business owners see their bottom lines shrinking while struggling to recruit and retrain workers.

I’ve seen too many of our neighbors and friends falling through the social safety net.  So many of us have endured one crisis after another- -job loss, business failure, serious illness, home loss, no-cause eviction. Just one of these is enough to push a person/family over the brink and into disaster.  Yet, there are members of our community who have been inflicted by every single one of the aforementioned scenarios.  Thus, I will continue my work toward building a stronger, social safety net, to make sure the vital resources toward the well-being of every family and business in this community continues to be a priority.

Friends, each holder of the job of County Commissioner uniquely shapes it to their interests and experience, as well as the community’s needs.  In my case, my goal has always been to represent your voice and deliver high-quality, affordable services in public health, public safety, and transportation. My intent has always been to balance the county’s growth with developing solutions that are the building blocks of a stronger community that benefits everyone, not just a few.  This has required listening to all who live, work, and operate businesses here, and my promise to you is that I will remain plugged in.


That all being said, I don’t look ahead with rose-colored glasses. However, I do look forward with confidence and hope. We have plenty of reasons—more than fifty thousand of them—to believe we’re going to not just survive, but thrive.  My faith in all of us--the people of Lincoln County--and our ability to overcome almost any obstacle is stronger than ever. The first outside settlers who came to this part of the coast a century and a half ago were a rugged, hard-working, stubbornly independent lot.  Those same folks also took care of their neighbor in time of need, and we’re still doing that today, we’ll keep doing that tomorrow and beyond, and that is my personal commitment to you.  Thank you for your vote.

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