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Walk Your Vote

The clock and calendar continue to move us closer and closer to Election Day.   I keep hearing from many people that they believe the stakes have never been higher with the outcome of this election, whether in Washington D.C., Salem, or right here at Lincoln County. Oregon’s had a universal vote by mail system for more than 20 years, and it’s worked wonderfully—decreased costs, increased participation, and less fraud than with conventional voting. It’s been a nice steady machine, humming right along….until this year.  This year, there are wide reports and concerns about slowdowns in the US Postal Service and their potential impacts on mail voting. Postal Service officials are saying that there will be no delay in getting ballots back to local courthouses in a timely fashion.  But for those who don’t want to entrust their ballots to the mails, there’s a simple solution:  Walk Your Vote.  Walk Your Vote is a grassroots movement in Oregon and other states with mail-in balloting that encou

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