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Lincoln County Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 is making unprecedented demands on every level of government and every one of us. Lincoln County Public Health has a key role in monitoring disease outbreaks and advising the commissioners on any steps we need to take as commissioners, including coordination with city emergency activities and requesting additional resources from the state and federal governments, based on need and availability.

I want to offer a few links that can provide you with reliable information.

Lincoln County Covid-19 Updates Webpage
This takes you to our county COVID-19 webpage. Although testing is ordered by primary care providers, so most local testing will be ordered through Samaritan Health Services. However, by law, all positive cases must be reported to the county, so you can trust the data on this page. This page also provides links to the Oregon Health Authority and other sources of information at the state level

US Centers for Disease Control Covid-19 Updates Webpage
Information on our Nation…

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