My Thoughts About and Experience with Lincoln County Animal Shelter

"Boggs" Adopted from Lincoln County Animal Shelter
The cute, little furry guy I’m holding in the photo is named “Boggs”. I adopted him as a four-month old from the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. He joined Annabelle, a Siamese who I took in a year earlier when she needed a new home. I have had the privilege of owning (or been owned) by many companion animals through the years and I am dedicated to making sure we have a safe environment and smart procedures for dealing with our homeless pet population.

In 2009, when the recession hit exceptionally hard, we looked at a lot of difficult and unpopular cuts, including potential closure of the Animal Shelter. That led to the formation of FOLCAS (Friends of Lincoln County Animals), us using one-time reserve funds to keep the shelter open for one more year, and an overwhelming vote by the people for a levy to support operation of the Shelter and Animal Control.

Unfortunately, the shelter was stuck in an aging and poorly-built structure. We began looking at replacing the building several years ago but didn’t see a climate favorable for a project funded by grants and private donations that would meet our current, let alone future needs.

Meanwhile, we continued to pour money into the deteriorating building, replacing and patching the roof, replacing the HVAC system, constant work on plumbing and electrical systems—but we knew the building was heading for the end of its useful life and last year budgeted $300,000 toward its replacement.

Unfortunately, time ran out on the old building sooner than we expected. Discovery of mold within the walls and HVAC system forced an immediate evacuation of the shelter to emergency headquarters in the Lincoln County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall and then to a manufactured home on the old site that’s been repurposed to provide a cattery, office and medical space, with kennels adjacent.

Our office is working with the Sheriff (the direct supervisor of the shelter and animal control) and community partners to come up with a workable plan to get a new permanent shelter as soon as possible.

This is a community full of animal lovers (including yours truly) and I pledge we will do right by our four-legged friends.


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