AOC President - Another Platform To Serve You

It made me very proud to be selected as president of the Oregon Association of Counties for the 2016-17 year. AOC has been around for more than 110 years, and I was only the third Lincoln County Commissioner to ever serve in that role.

But I’m not proud because it put another line on my resume and another plaque on my wall.

I’m proud because I was chosen by commissioners from every part of Oregon who represent just about the entire width of the political spectrum.

They choose me because their respected my intelligence, my fairness, and my ability to lead.

I truly enjoy working with my colleagues from around the state on issues like public safety, health care, economic development and transportation—issues that touch the lives of every Oregonian. The relationships I have built up through AOC, both before, during, and after my time as president have opened many doors for me to serve you more effectively.

The Association works because the vast majority of commissioners are not partisan ideologues. They’re devoted first and foremost to solving problems and delivering quality services to the people we all serve.


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