Not Just A Slogan

Claire Cares is not just a campaign slogan. It’s what my work and my life is all about. Someone asked me what I care about? Many, many things, but let me give you a few examples:

I care about making sure county government delivers the best, most affordable services we can within our means. I grew up having to work for everything I’ve achieved, starting with college, and I’ve never forgotten the value of a dollar and I care about making sure we get the most out of every single one.

I care about making every part of Lincoln County healthier, safer and stronger. I care about bringing people to the table from all areas of our community life—government at every level; advocates for seniors, children and veterans; business, non-profits, the faith community and more—to build collaborative solutions to our challenges. Networking and consensus-building are among my strongest skills.

I care about every resident of Lincoln County, but I especially care about those without a strong enough voice in our decisions—children, seniors, veterans, the disabled, those living in poverty, struggling with addiction and mental illness.

I care about everyone because I believe every life has worth, dignity and meaning, and the greatest
tragedy of all is when someone is prevented from realizing their full human potential.
I care about leaving our wonderful home, Lincoln County, a better place than I found it.


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