Small Businesses are the HEART of Lincoln County - We Will Survive!

Shop small. Buy local. These ideas are never more important than they are right now to Lincoln County.

As we rise to the challenge of COVID-19, everyone’s health and safety is job #1 but we also need to realize how deep the economic jolt is and will be. Big business are taking a hit, but they have far greater resources to ride out a downturn that your favorite local restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, gem shop, jeweler, bookstore, salon and lots more.

We want "Main Street" or the small business our community relies on, to be here when the worst of this passes. Small businesses not only are economic engines, they’re a strong part of the social fabric of our communities. Who do you turn to if you’re looking for a sponsor for your child’s sports team, or your local charity fundraiser? It's time for us to help them like they help us!

The Oregon Coast Community College Small Business Development Center, at the Lincoln City Campus, is coordinating reports from local businesses for any state or local financial assistance programs for local businesses. There are plenty of bills in Congressional pipeline to address this, and the Governor’s office is looking at coordinated support for Oregon business. You can find more information about their resources here:

All this is good, but it doesn’t let any of us off the hook. All of us can, and should, do something to make a difference for Main Street. 

Many businesses offer shopping online. Restaurants offering take out. Almost everyone has gift cards. Buy some for family and friends for future gifts. Buy some for yourself to use later. If you’re not in a high risk group and still out and about, you can stop in at businesses still open as long as you practice social distancing.

Even if Washington or Salem comes through, it won’t happen right away. Your sale today could truly be the difference in paying someone’s rent or putting food on the table.

Lincoln County residents have a proud, independent spirit and we always rise to the occasion. I know this will be no exception.


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