Displaced By Wildfire? Update your address by October 13th to vote! Don't wait!

Do you care about your health, safety and well-being? 
Do you care about your future? 
Of course you do! 
There is one simple but powerful thing you can do to help protect yourself and your future: vote!

Here in Oregon, the clock is ticking. If you don’t have a current registration on file with your county clerk by Tuesday, October 13, you will not be able to participate in next month’s election. It’s a simple process, and you can complete it online in a few minutes. Follow this link to the Oregon Secretary of State: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/registration.aspx?lang=en

Need to update your mailing address so you receive your ballot? Use the above link

Maybe you’ve never voted before. Maybe you’re convinced that your voice doesn’t matter and voting won’t change things. Sometimes you don’t get the outcome you want even if you vote. But if you choose to stand on the sidelines, I can assure you your voice will not be heard.

So much focus and energy is directed at the presidential election. Of course, that’s an important decision. But I want to urge you as strongly as I can to realize that every race matters. Who you send to Congress and the state capitol matters. Who makes decisions on your behalf at your city hall and county courthouse matter. One of the most important lessons of this year is that what your county and city officials do can have a critical impact on your health and safety.

Your voice matters. As someone who has held local office for almost 16 years, I can tell you that it matters more than you know. The best government is the government that is closest to the people and is most accountable to them. If you sit back and let someone else make the choices, you may not realize the harm you’ve done to yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors until it is too late.

I think of the brave men and women who have spilled their blood for more than two centuries to protect our democratic way of life. I think of the people of color, women and other marginalized people who have fought so hard to win this precious right. All of these defenders of freedom have been with me as I have exercised my precious voting rights for more than 40 years.

Please join me on November 3. Please fill out your ballot, make sure to sign your envelope and get your ballot to a drop box!


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