Letter of Support - I Heartily Endorse Your Campaign - Gilbert Schramm

Dear Claire,

I think you know that I often offer letters and viewpoint pieces to our local paper. I am sorry to say that I have used up my pre-election opportunities to submit another. Still, I wanted to offer my support in some way.

I just would like people to know that in our many interactions I have always found you compassionate, responsive, fair and open-minded. I think you have made good decisions for the county. I can especially note your concern for addressing the shortage of affordable housing and your marked support for dealing with the problem of homelessness in our area. I feel you have been very supportive on many other difficult issues in our community.

Your updates on social media during the pandemic have been especially useful at a time when the community needs clear, timely information.

I also honor and respect your stand on many other issues that affect various marginalized groups and those who need someone to stand up for their concerns. You have done that without ever losing sight of the needs of the whole community.

That is why I heartily endorse your campaign for re-election. I hope others will do so as well. In the ongoing pandemic we need an experienced, compassionate representative. In the aftermath (whenever that will be) we will surely need a creative, fair, openminded and caring person to help our county re-imagine itself as it opens up again.

Thank you for all the work you have done, and I hope you will be there to help with all the work that lies before us in the future. Feel free to use this letter in way you like.


Gilbert Schramm

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