Our Health Care

We opened our primary health care clinics in Lincoln City and Newport more than a decade ago. These facilities, plus our four school-based health centers, make up the Lincoln Community Health Center.

Thanks to the county’s commitment to serving the medically under-served, about ten percent of all people within our borders make use of these clinics, which are accessible to people of all income levels, and with all types of insurance (or no insurance).
Our public health programs have also been evolving steadily to do more in the realm of education and prevention and to educate more people about the benefits of healthy living.

While I’m working to build our existing programs and meet immediate needs, I also feel a strong call to contribute to long -term solutions. This is why I sought a seat on a state task force that’s investigating the potential for a single-payer system in Oregon. That’s why I worked very intently with other county commissioners and legislators to support raising the legal age for tobacco purchases to 21. Yes, it’s personal to me--both my parents died from the effects of cigarette smoking—but Lincoln County has the highest level of tobacco use in the state, and this legislation has been proven to reduce tobacco use and save lives.


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