Our Veterans

My Dad 💖
My heritage as a member of two military families is why I am so passionate about building services for veterans in our county, state and nation.

When I came into office, the county employed one part-time person in the Veterans Services Office. Now we have a staff of three and have built up a satellite operation in Lincoln City that offers help to vets three days a week.
Not only does this help the men and women who have served our country obtain the benefits they have earned, it’s a huge boost for our local economy. Military compensation and pension benefits in our county have doubled in a little more than a decade, and our VSOs have been directly instrumental in bringing in millions of those dollars.

We formed a pioneering working relationship with the Veterans Administration to bring VA doctors to our county clinics in Newport and Lincoln City.

At the federal level, I worked through the National Association of Counties to help advocate for the 2016 adoption of the Toxic Substances Exposure Research Act, which committed the federal government to supporting ongoing education and outreach about the effects of exposure to Agent Orange and other toxins on the children and grandchildren of veterans.

A local veteran once told me that he and his buddies will always have my Six. That was a proud moment. I hope every serviceman and servicewoman knows that I have theirs.


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